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Did you know...

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For those of you who are going to be graduating this May or those of you who are looking for internship opportunities, Rowan is going to be having their annual Spring Career Fair Tuesday, February 24 from 10am-2pm in the Ballroom!

You may be askign yourself what you can do with a communication studeis degree and if going to these types of events are worth your time and the answer is YES! To answer the first implied question regarding what types of careers you can get into with a communciation studies degree, the options you have are more vast than you think. To get a full and complete list, follow the web link below to the career management site, there they have a list of different fields you can get into including advertsing, marketing, business and much more.

A career fair can seem intimidating if you look at it negativiley. As communciation students, we have been trained to articulate and communicate ideas that can then be applied to the world around us. A career fair is a great way to meet recruiters or hiring managers from companies that you are interested in. Career fairs are also a great way to practice your interviewing skills! Some people find it hard to talk about themselves and their accomplishments and acheivements, so use this time to get as much practice in as you can! Even if it is a company you are hesitant about, it can't hurt to introduce yourself, you never know what the outcome will be if you don't!

*If you are planning on attending, make sure to bring enough copies of your resume and be sure to dress appropriate in business attire!*

for more info about the career fair please go to

Pros and Cons Of Being A Blogger

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You ever feellike everybody has good and bad things to say about bloggers ?  It seems like just about everybodyis pouring their musings into a text box. Are you feeling tempted to start ablog of your own? Here are some pros and cons of the trend. Websites that post new blog content evenonce or twice a month get much more traffic than those that don’t blog at all.

I think consistently adding good contentvia a well-written blog is one of the best ways to attract traffic. While onyour site, visitors see who you are and that you have information that theyfind interesting. That’s the point, along with encouraging visitors tosubscribe to your email list so you have the chance to notify them withoutbeing aggressive.Every post allows another path to yoursite. Attracting readers is one of the best reasons to blog, but there areothers. Here are some pros and cons of blogging.

Cons: If you look, you’ll find manyreasons not to blog

1. Too much competition

A lot of people think there are to many blogger and you really can’t compete. Peoplethink if you if you start a blog your voice will be lost on the and more thanlikely will not get attention. I disagree. I think any blog can thrive, if you’redetermined and persistent and put your time to it.

Don’t let the competition scare you off.

Potential bloggers read these myths anddecide it’s too much work. They come to the conclusion blogging isn’t for them.Although best practices do exist, there is no right way to blog. What works forone may not work for another.

2. Length and frequency of posts can bedaunting

In the past, experts insisted that bloggers must post at least three times aweek to be successful, but that rule is dead. People are overwhelmed withemail, and bloggers who over-share can drive subscribers away. They’ll leaveyou. So post less, be consistent about when you publish new posts, and makeyour content top-notch. It works. The goal is to be consistent, helpful,entertaining, inspiring, or educational, and not to wear your readers out.Don’t fret about the length or frequency of your posting schedule.

3. Blogging is a time suck

Naysayers argue that blogging takes too much time. If you categorize writingposts as a stand-alone activity, this statement may be true.

Pros: A blog offers many benefits

In my opinion, the benefits of consistentblogging far outweigh the drawbacks. Over time, your blog will:

1. Improve your writing, both fiction andnon-fiction

Writing weekly blog posts helped me become a better, faster, more confidentblog post writer. That translated into being a better, faster, more confidentand well-rounded writer overall. Writing blog posts has improved my fiction.


2. Help you build a community ofcolleagues, supporters, and readers

You’ll meet readers, authors, and other bloggers as you write, publish, promoteyour blog, and invite guest bloggers to set up shop on your website.

3. Educate you about the online world

Your blog can help you learn about social media, blog promotion, and websitedevelopment on a small scale at your own pace, as you build your blog and learnto effectively promote your posts – and your website – via social mediaplatforms.

5. Flex your creative muscle

I think as you start to blog you will feel as if  you don’t have much to say. I think you willlearn to approach it creatively.

6. Build your blogging into anotherplatform

I think you canbuild your blogging onto another network such as facebook or twitter etc andallow it to build.



RU Spring Carnival Going On Right Now !

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If you didnt know RU Spring Carnival is going on right now until 4:30PM ! Everybody come join the CSC out on the patio for some fresh air with the nice weather and of course the coolest club ! There is a "pie to the face" really "whipcream", event going on and you can pie the volunteers at the table. You also get a chance to pie a professor, Dr. Strasser is volunteering ! Every person who purchases a pie will be given a raffle ticket to be pulled at the end of the event. The winner will receive a gift card to a local establishment. Lets make this a fun day and enjoy the rest of the RU Spring Carnival. 





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The Rowan Communication Studies Club and Lambda Pi Eta want to thank everyone who came out and supported both, Autism and Alzheimer’s Awareness at the YoGo Factory! We hope you all enjoyed a nice break from the schoolwork to have some froyo!

The spring semester is finally coming to a close and The Communication Studies Club has only a few events left to be involved in before the end of the academic year!

Message from Taylor Cohen (President)

Hey everybody!

Hope you’re all having an awesome week so far!

I would like to make one brief announcement for all members: These are the last three events we will have this semester and they are events that you as a members chose to participate in. I expect to see every member volunteering for one time slot on each day. We all know that we’re one of the smaller clubs on campus and the e-board members cannot be there all day. There’s a difference between being a member and being an active member and I really would LOVE for you all to be involved with these last few events! Being that most of our members are graduating next month, this makes it a perfect way to spend time with them before they leave us!

The weather forecast for Wednesday and Thursday will be perfect for hanging out on the student center patio and we’ve always had fun at our bake sales, so please do not forget to shoot Chelsea an email to schedule your time slot!


EVENT #1: Wednesday April 9th - Organ Donor Day from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

• For information on Organ Donor Day, click here!

• 30 minute time slots need to be filled • Email Chelsea directly to fill these slots

• The times are on a first come first serve basis: • 10-10:30, 10:30-11, 11:30-12, 12-12:30, 12:30-1, 1-1:30, 1:30-2

EVENT #2: Thursday April 10th - Spring Carnival from 10:30 AM - 4:30 PM

• Want to pie a professor? Here’s your chance! Dr. Strasser is volunteering as tribute. May the odds be ever in his favor…

• 1-hour time slots are available on a first come, first serve basis and all members need to e-mail Chelsea to do so.

• Times! 10:30-11:30, 11:30-12:30, 12:30-1:30, 1:30-2:30, 2:30-3:30, 3:30-4:30

• Every student that purchases a pie will be given a raffle ticket to be pulled at the end of the event. The winner will receive a gift card to a local establishment

EVENT #3: Tuesday April 15th- T-shirt/Bake Sale

• Volunteers are needed for baked goods & for sales – If you contribute a baked good, this does not mean you are excused from volunteering to sit at the table and fundraise! This event was created solely for the CSC, so we are asking ALL members to please participate in this event to help us raise money!

• Being that we are selling the t-shirts this day, all members are asked to wear their CSC t-shirts from either last semester, or please contact Alison if you would like one with the new designs -- $12.00 per shirt and all sizes are available.

• 1-hour time slots are available on a first come, first serve basis and all members need to e-mail Chelsea to do so.

These last few weeks will be a fun way to end the semester and we’re all looking forward to spending some time together as a club, before graduation!

One last note to all 2014-2015 E-board members: Please get in touch with the board member who’s office you will be taking over to discuss any important pieces of information they need to share with you! We want to make this transition smooth and easy for all of you.

Spring Carnival Next Week ! etc...

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If you didnt know RU Spring Carnival is next Thursday April 10th from 10:30- 4:30. There will be alot of diffrent events going on for the everybody at rowan to get involved. The Comm Studies Club will have a "Pied in the face" event going on and everybody is welcome to join us for fun. It will be a great day and hopefully a warm one. Also, for any members in the club who would like to volunteer let one of the E- Board members you will like too. Hopefully we see everybody there and we enjoy RU Spring Carnival 2014 !

Also, We will be having a raffle for Organ Donor Day Wenseday April 9th and doing a raffle gift card basket that will be donated for a great cause and a person will have the chance to win the basket. For the members in the Comm Studies Club Please make sure you have your $10 gift cards no later than monday !

Another reminder, Yogo Fundraiser for Autism Awareness is tommorow Friday, April 4th from 6:00pm-8:00pmin Glassboro NJ. Bring your friends, families, tell another person to tell another person ! It will be fun, Don't miss out !!



Autism Awareness

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Hoping everyone had an awesome time at Rowan’s 6th annual Profstock! Congrats to SUP and Rah for putting together a great night!

Please make sure you have your $10 gift cards for Wednesday night so we can start getting our basket together for Organ Donor Day to be raffled off! Feel free to pair up and split the cost with another member. Gift cards are sold at Walgreens, Rite aid, Walmart, & Barnes and Noble.

This week Rowan will “go blue” for Autism Awareness week, March 31-April 6. The opening ceremony will begin Monday, March 31, at 7:30 p.m. in the lobby of the Campbell Library. Five Rowan buildings will be lit blue, as part of the international “Light It Up Blue” initiative to spread awareness about autism. The five buildings dedicated to the cause on Rowan’s campus include: Campbell Library, South Jersey Tech Park, Bunce Hall, the greenhouse and Hollybush.

Friday, April 4th from 6:00pm-8:00pm marks our spring semester service project at the YOGO Factory to benefit Autism Awareness. The seventh annual World Autism Awareness Day is April 2, 2014. Every year, autism organizations around the world celebrate the day with unique fundraising and awareness-raising events. The Rowan CSC will be joining Lambda Pi Eta in this event. Remember, one service project per semester must be completed for each student to keep his or her active membership.

Did you know ...

• Autism now affects 1 in 68 children and 1 in 42 boys

• Autism prevalence figures are growing

• Autism is the fastest-growing serious developmental disability in the U.S.

• Autism costs a family $60,000 a year on average

• Boys are nearly five times more likely than girls to have autism There is no medical detection or cure for autism

To learn more click here

Hope Everyone Enjoyed PROFSTOCK2014 !

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The Comm Studies Club hopes everyone enjoyed Profstock 2014 last night. Im sure we all wish as Lupe would say in his lyrics "The show goes on all night" but of course it had to come to and at some point of the night ! But it was a great event and of course Lupe Fiasco and the Dj's put on a great show. Lupe Fiasco performed a ton of some of his greatest songs that we all know. Every year the sounds of diverse music acts ranging from pop to rap to rock are flooded the Esby Gymnasium. This year’s Profstock sold a ton of tickets and even opened it for the public.The university has held a major concert event every year for the past six years, the first was officially called “The Show,” not Profstock. last year, the concert featured live performances from rapper B.o.B, singer Dev and alternative group Sublime with Rome. From the look of the event it seemed like everybody enjoyed thereselves and the crowd was pumped up this great event. Looking forward to what Profstock has set in plan for next year !! Below are a few pictures and video of the event !




Are You Ready for PROFSTOCK !

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The time is finally here ! Saturday March 29 this weekend is PROFSTOCK. If you have not bought a ticket, go and buy one its going to fun. They are still selling Tickets!! Profstock is also now open to others that do not attend Rowan as well. The Comm Studies Club is trying to organize going as a group, if you didn't get an invite on Facebook here's the link, join it! It will be a great event for us to come togther and enjoy. 

We hope to see everyone. Lets have a great time this weekend !


New Communication Studies Plaque and T-Shirts!

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Hope everyone had an awesome Spring Break! We’re back and with only 45 DAYS left of the semester!

Updates before the general meetings this week:

First, congratulations to our 2014-2015 E-Board members:

President -- Amanda Kuster

Vice President --Jake Tublin

Treasurer -- Renita Ramnarain

Secretary -- Billy Stine

Thank you to the current E-board members: Taylor, Maria, Alison and Chelsea! You all have worked so hard into building and developing the Communication Studies Club and you’ve done an amazing job at leading this club into what it is today. We would all like to thank you for you wonderful leadership skills!

The CSC plaque is complete! It looks amazing and we can’t wait to see it hung up in the Student Center! Thank you to all of those that helped in and outside of the Club. A special thank you goes out to Amanda Kuster and Chelsea Granato (and her mom). The club will be notified when you can go snap a picture of it hanging up in the Student Center!

Upcoming Dates:

-Saturday March 29th is Profstock! Tickets are $10 & sold at the Student Center info desk! We’re getting together before the concert and to get more info please go and add yourself to the Facebook invite here: Join It!

-Wednesday April 2nd: T-shirt and bake sale fundraiser day! We received the t-shirts over spring break and any member who would like to purchase a new CSC t-shirt can do so at the Wednesday and Thursday meeting! The shirts are being sold for $12 each and all sizes are available. Here’s a little preview:

-Friday April 4th 6pm – 9pm: Yogo Fundraiser for Autism Awareness: Remember that every member MUST participate in at least one service project per semester in order to keep membership. This event will be coordinated with Lambda Pi Eta, so it is a great networking opportunity and a great cause!

-Wednesday April 9th: Organ Donor Day – The CSC will be raffling off a gift card basket to benefit the Organ Donor Day charity. Sign-ups will be this week for volunteer times. We ask that members pair up in groups of two and together a $10 gift card of your choice (that means $5 each per member).

-Thursday April 10th: Spring Carnival from 10:30-4:30 and we’ll be doing pies to the face! Raffle tickets will be bought before any person is allowed to pie another and we will choose a winner of those tickets for a $20 Landmark gift card.

-Wednesday April 16th: Grad School Seminar!

Also Pop Culture Night will be cancelled because we've got a lot of other things going on! Don’t forget meeting tomorrow at 7:30pm in Bozorth 107!

Hope Everyone Is Enjoying There Spring Break !

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The Comm Studies Club is hoping everyone is enjoying there Spring Break 2014. Quick reminder E- BOARD ELECTIONS have been posted. We have sent everybody an email to go on and VOTE ! At the bottom of the email there is a a link to the google doc to cast your VOTE !  There is some great people in the club running for postions and every vote counts and it will be helpful if everybody participated, so we can continue to have a great E- Board making sure the club is running smoothly. 

On another note when we get back from enjoying our spring break we will put finish touching to our plaque and make it official so it can be hung up in the student center. We will also be going Bowling that Friday when we get back on March 28th which we will discuss in the meeting when we return, also the trip to Yogo that will also be planned. We have alot of great stuff planned for the upcoming weeks as the rest of the semester continues. 


Also here's some info about class registration, etc. from Maria!


Registration for the Fall 2014 semester is coming very soon!

Seniors (90 credits or more) – March 24-30

Juniors (58-89 credits) - March 31-April 6

Sophomores (24-57 credits) April 7 – 13

Freshman (0-23 credits) April 14-20


Important information and reminders about registration-->



Be sure to make an appointment and meet with your faculty advisor to ensure that you are taking appropriate courses in terms of what is required, and your specific professional, personal and civic goals. If you aren't sure who your advisor is, check in the GRAD report (available via self-service). If you do not have an advisor listed in GRAD, email Ms. Esther Mummert at [email protected] She will assign you one.


Meeting with your faculty advisor ensures that you stay "on track" with requirements, and provides an opportunity to discuss your goals and how the choices you make today can support you in your future tomorrow.


Keep enjoying your Spring Break !! We still have 3 days left !! :)