Pros and Cons Of Being A Blogger

Posted by rowancsc on April 23, 2014 at 10:10 PM

You ever feellike everybody has good and bad things to say about bloggers ?  It seems like just about everybodyis pouring their musings into a text box. Are you feeling tempted to start ablog of your own? Here are some pros and cons of the trend. Websites that post new blog content evenonce or twice a month get much more traffic than those that don’t blog at all.

I think consistently adding good contentvia a well-written blog is one of the best ways to attract traffic. While onyour site, visitors see who you are and that you have information that theyfind interesting. That’s the point, along with encouraging visitors tosubscribe to your email list so you have the chance to notify them withoutbeing aggressive.Every post allows another path to yoursite. Attracting readers is one of the best reasons to blog, but there areothers. Here are some pros and cons of blogging.

Cons: If you look, you’ll find manyreasons not to blog

1. Too much competition

A lot of people think there are to many blogger and you really can’t compete. Peoplethink if you if you start a blog your voice will be lost on the and more thanlikely will not get attention. I disagree. I think any blog can thrive, if you’redetermined and persistent and put your time to it.

Don’t let the competition scare you off.

Potential bloggers read these myths anddecide it’s too much work. They come to the conclusion blogging isn’t for them.Although best practices do exist, there is no right way to blog. What works forone may not work for another.

2. Length and frequency of posts can bedaunting

In the past, experts insisted that bloggers must post at least three times aweek to be successful, but that rule is dead. People are overwhelmed withemail, and bloggers who over-share can drive subscribers away. They’ll leaveyou. So post less, be consistent about when you publish new posts, and makeyour content top-notch. It works. The goal is to be consistent, helpful,entertaining, inspiring, or educational, and not to wear your readers out.Don’t fret about the length or frequency of your posting schedule.

3. Blogging is a time suck

Naysayers argue that blogging takes too much time. If you categorize writingposts as a stand-alone activity, this statement may be true.

Pros: A blog offers many benefits

In my opinion, the benefits of consistentblogging far outweigh the drawbacks. Over time, your blog will:

1. Improve your writing, both fiction andnon-fiction

Writing weekly blog posts helped me become a better, faster, more confidentblog post writer. That translated into being a better, faster, more confidentand well-rounded writer overall. Writing blog posts has improved my fiction.


2. Help you build a community ofcolleagues, supporters, and readers

You’ll meet readers, authors, and other bloggers as you write, publish, promoteyour blog, and invite guest bloggers to set up shop on your website.

3. Educate you about the online world

Your blog can help you learn about social media, blog promotion, and websitedevelopment on a small scale at your own pace, as you build your blog and learnto effectively promote your posts – and your website – via social mediaplatforms.

5. Flex your creative muscle

I think as you start to blog you will feel as if  you don’t have much to say. I think you willlearn to approach it creatively.

6. Build your blogging into anotherplatform

I think you canbuild your blogging onto another network such as facebook or twitter etc andallow it to build.



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